How it works

Find Location

● Find the location as per the criteria given by the company.
● After finding the location, our company head can do a survey of that location as per the parameters set by the company.
● After the survey, the franchisee can fix the spot with the permission of the company.
● Minimum area required: 8*8ft. to 10*10ft.

Final Franchise Meeting

● After finalising the location, the franchise can meet with the company head or manager.
● The company will provide all setups, including utensils, crockery materials, name board, free startup raw materials kit. company.

Start Training Program

● The training program will begin after the final meeting.
● Training will be given by our experts at the franchise location or nearby outlet of The Chai Palace for 2-3 days. (Can be extended if necessary)

Start Setup Production

● After taking the franchise amount, the company will start setting up production

Finalise Outlet Opening

● After completion of the whole setup, we can fix the date of opening.
● All opening ceremonies are arranged by the franchisee under the guidance of the head of the company.

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